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  • There are over 500 garment factories in Dindigul District, making it a textile industrial area.

  • There is a demand for both work and workers. As a result, in our garment training centre, we train teenage girls and women.

  • It's a three-month course offered in three sessions: morning, afternoon, and evening. A batch of ten people is trained.

  • Our centre will teach poor women and youth to become skilled people and assist them in finding work so that they can earn Rs.8,000 to Rs.10,000 per month instead of working as unskilled labour for a lower wage.

  • Your contribution will go towards training a poor girl.

Teacher's salary is Rs.7,000 per month.

Materials - Rs.10,000 per month

Rent - Rs.5,000 per month.

Others - Rs.8,000 per month (electricity bill, administrative costs)

Total cost is Rs.30,000 per month (for 30 women)

The cost per girl / woman is Rs.1,000 per month.

For three months, the cost per girl/woman is Rs.3,000.

For two girls/women, the cost is Rs.6,000 for three months.

  • Weds works with Dalits and tribals, two of the most marginalised communities.

  • The hill areas of Dindigul district are home to tribal people. There are approximately 91 tribal villages, but only one primary health centre serves 25 tribal villages.

  • The majority of people do not use government-provided medical services. Anemia and skin diseases affect 50 percent of the population.

  • As a result of your support, the tribal and Dalit communities will have better health. In a month, we hold five medical camps, each of which benefits 100 people. Donated funds will be used as follows.

The cost of a doctor's visit is Rs.1,000.

500 rupees for a pharmacist

2,000 rupees for drugs

500 rupees for travel

The total cost per camp is Rs.4,000 (for 100 people)

  • While parents migrate to the city for work, children from the most marginalized communities are frequently raised by grandparents or other relatives.

  • Families frequently pull their children out of school and send them to work; in some cases, children are even used as bonded laborer's to pay off the family's debts.

  • Girl children are frequently married off at a young age in order to save money for the family.

  • WEDS works to protect these children from exploitation and child labor, as well as to ensure their rights to education and the freedom to pursue a career of their choice.

  • This is done in all of our kid's activity centers. In the villages of Dindigul district, we have 40 child activity centers.

  • It is a place where they can learn, play, and enjoy themselves. Our teachers have received specialized training and are extremely sensitive to children's rights. Innovative teaching materials are used to encourage students to participate in interactive learning, which also empowers them.

  • We provide a transitional education for children who have been rescued from bonded labor and ensure that they are enrolled in a regular school. We need your help to provide school supplies for 100 young girls.

Uniforms for two people - Rs.1,000

500 rupees for note books

The total cost for each child is Rs.1,500.

  • Our NGO established and maintains a general fund to cover expenses that are not related to a specific project, cause, or need.

  • This contributes to the organization's ability to cover essential operating costs. Expenses like administrative costs and various overheads are covered by the general fund.

  • Most NGOs keep a general fund to help them bridge the donation gap created when donors give only to a specific project/cause/need, or to cover any unexpected expenses that may arise during the course of their work.

  • The corpus fund is regarded as the organization's capital.

  • The fund is created and maintained by us in order for the organization to continue to exist.

  • The Corpus Fund is vital to the organization because it provides assistance in times of need. Only the interest/dividends earned from it are accumulated or used in general.

  • It is necessary for the organization's long-term survival. We are currently attempting to build a corpus fund that will cover 12 months of the organization's expenses, ensuring its long-term viability.

  • It will assist us in reducing financial vulnerability and thus achieving our objectives.

  • Make a donation by transferring funds to the accounts listed below and send us an email to with your name, phone number, and donation information.

  • We'll send you a receipt as well as a detailed report with photos detailing how your money was spent on the grand.

Indian Donors - Bank Transfer

(All donations from India, both local and national, are accepted at the bank account listed below.)

Account holder name : Women’s Education Development Society

Account Number : 131401000007704

Bank Name : Indian overseas Bank

IFSC code : IOBA0001314

Branch : 1314

Bank Address : Dindigul Fort Branch, Dindingul, Tamil nadu, India - 624001

Foreign Donors - Bank Transfer

International Donors can send their contributions to our FCRA account listed below via wire transfer or telegraphic transfer (TT)

Account holder name : Women’s Education Development Society

Account Number : 40189225012

Bank Name : State Bank of India

IFSC code : SBIN0000691


Branch Code : 00691

Bank Address : FCRA cell, 4th Floor, State Bank of India, New Delhi main Branch, 11, Sansad marg, New Delhi - 110001 INDIA

Postal Donation

Foreign Donors - Postal Donation

  1. Download the Donation Form (pdf) and fill it out and feel free to specify which area of help you prefer

  2. Mail the filled form and cheque details to : WEDS, M-98, R M colony, 7th cross, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India - 624001

Indian Donors - Postal Donation

Donors from India who are unable to donate via internet banking may send a check or DD payable to WEDS to the following address : WEDS, M-98, R M colony, 7th cross, Dindigul -624001, Tamil Nadu, India.

If you have any questions about donations, please contact us :

Email : Phone : 0451 2460472 Mobile number : +91 9443104909Mobile number : +91 7373620728